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Take advantage of more than 100 years of collective marketing intelligence by engaging in conversation with four of South Africa’s top marketers!


As a collective, our marketing experts have well over 100 years of experience and we’d like to welcome you to our forum to share it. We trust that the content created for you within this site will greatly improve your understanding of marketing and help to squeeze the most out of your marketing budgets by making the most of all the marketing opportunities and potential specific to your business.


This site, blog and specialist marketing forum are designed to meet the needs of board-level executives and CEO’s specifically, so membership is limited. That said, please feel free to register as a member if you are a board-level executive or if not then to our mailing list and receive notification of all new posts as they happen. We also encourage you to peruse the forums and the blog entries posted by our four marketing experts. If you require consultation with any of our marketing experts please contact us.


An idea or topic is posted by one of our marketing experts to which the other three will weigh in making for a highly informative, value packed marketing-centric conversation. Following the conversation, an email notification containing a link will be sent to all members who will be encouraged to read and participate by commenting on posts and asking questions to one or all the experts. These questions can be addressed within the comments to the conversation or, if you prefer, in private. This is a rare opportunity to get inside the heads of four of our country’s top marketers.

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